When beginning the homeschool journey, it is easy to become caught up in schedules, drills, copy work, worksheets, textbooks, and routines.  If you as the parent were the product of traditional schooling, these tools are familiar and comfortable for you as a homeschool mom or dad.  With a wealth of resources available on the glossy pages of homeschool catalogs or in teacher supply stores, purchasing helpful materials is easy, albeit sometimes hard on the pocket book.  These resources can become a blessing to us if we use them well and with purpose, but if they simply become assignments to throw at our children, school evolves into something no different than sending a child to the community school down the road.  School at home replicates the traditional classroom and the maximum benefits of home education become limited as a result.  Instead, consider using the home as a school to teach life’s lessons.  Allowing every teachable moment in every day to teach academics, life skills, and service to others achieves optimal results and reaps great rewards.  Teaching the whole child by a true homeschool method creates a child who learns enthusiastically and well.  Teachable life moments create well adjusted children.


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