Autumn is a great season for participating in nature activities with children.  The weather is cool, yet crisp and pleasant.  Foliage is turning shades of orange, red, and brown.  Flowers are going to seed, creating pods and seed packets that are interesting to touch and see.  It is a fantastic season to explore nature with children.  Here’s a fun game to do outside with children:

Use a word, such as CREATION, and have the children find or see an object from nature that starts with each letter found in that word.  For example:

C = cattail

R = rabbit

E = egg shell

A = apple

T = tree

I = insect

O = olive leaf

N = nectar

The children can document their findings in a nature journal where they can draw, gather, write about, or photograph the items they found.  When one word is completed, move on to another like NATURE, WILDLIFE, or FOREST.


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  1. This idea works well with children of many different ages. It becomes harder if there are high repetitions of some vowels though.

    You might enjoy the leaf logic activity I’ve just blogged about.

    Best wishes

  2. educator-mom says:

    Juliet, thank you for the link to our blog and the leaf activity you posted. It is excellent and dynamic. Great post!

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