Children through the ages have been given opportunities to earn money through gainful employment.  When used appropriately, it helps children develop character and a good work ethic.  It gives them an opportunity to explore the world and apply the things they have learned in academia to real life.  The sense of worth that productive work gives to a child is of substantial value.  Work, when used as a part of a home school curriculum, helps to form values, skills, and knowledge that develop the entire child.

When using work as a part of a homeschool program, there are several things to consider:

1.  Work should be appropriate to the age of the child.  It should not be tedious or forced, but rather something that engages the interest of the child and inspires them to participate.

2. When working with young children, participating with them encourages them and develops positive attitudes.  A team approach works best.

3. The amount of time spent working should be tailor-made to the needs and abilities of the child.

4.  It should assign enough responsibility for the child to grow, but not so much that it overwhelms and stresses them.

5.  Work that inspires creativity and positive attitude is priceless!

6.  It is important to teach the child how to budget the money earned through gainful work.  Developing a saving, tithing, and spending plan that works will benefit the child for years to come.

Gainful work can be tailor-made to a child’s interests and abilities.  Babysitting, mowing lawns, and setting up a lemonade stand are just the beginning of a world of possibilities when it comes to gainful work.  Applying these principles will be discussed in a future post.


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