I planted a tree.  I knew about trees, so I gave it space to grow.

I planted a morning-glory vine.  I knew about morning glories, so I put a trellis next to it so it could cling and pull itself up.

I planted a tulip bulb, and because I knew about tulip bulbs.  I waited until spring before I looked for signs of growth.

I was blessed with a child.  Because I loved that child, I learned how he grew.  Once I knew, I provided the environment and resources that best facilitated his optimal and delightful development.

* * *

Each plant has its unique characteristics and can be expected to act and grow according to them.  In the same way, given the right elements, children will thrive and grow when given the proper tools.  The recipe of warm responsiveness, time within the family unit, and freedom to explore will create children who grow willingly, enthusiastically, and naturally.  Each child will thrive and grow in their own unique way when given the time and resources to do it!


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  1. This is truly beautiful and inspirational LaDonna! Thank you for sharing this… I really needed it! 🙂

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