There are days when a homeschool parent feels completely overwhelmed and under-appreciated.  It’s really easy to slip into the belief that a teacher-mom should be a super-parent and do it all with great success.  But life happens.  The halo slips (either on the super-mom or the precious children).  On those days, it pays to remember that it is the big picture that counts, and that little detours along the way are simply par for the course.  Taking a break from something that causes stress and refocusing can help put life back on course again.  Children are resilient and teacher-parents need to remember that they can be as well.

Tomorrow is a new day.  So be kind on yourself, re-evaluate your priorities, and refocus on what is important. Simple reminders from those who have traveled the homeschool journey before can sometimes be encouraging as we remind ourselves that God’s plan is perfect and that He goes with us every step of the way.   A wise educator, Ruth Beechick shares these encouraging words:

“I meet teaching parents all around the country and find them to be intelligent, enthusiastic, creative people doing a marvelous job of teaching their children. But, sad to say, most of them do not know what a great job they are doing. Everyone thinks it goes smoothly in everyone else’s house and theirs is the only place that has problems. I’ll let you in on a secret about teaching: there is no place in the world where it rolls along smoothly without problems. Only in articles and books can that happen.”

by Ruth Beechick ~ You Can Teach Your Child Successfully

Now, go take on the day!


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  1. clarice says:

    I try to remember that I belive God called me to HS, I have to have faith in that, in Him. xoxo Clarice

  2. educator-mom says:

    Very true, Clarice. If He called you — He will provide the strength and ability to follow through. It’s a promise!

  3. Michael G. says:

    Good advice for all Educators. Thank You!

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