Family traditions are important.  They provide cohesiveness and a sense of place for each family member.  Even teenagers enjoy routines that become simple family traditions.  A weekly walk in nature, time spent chatting while driving to and from a weekly appointment, dinner served as a family affair each evening, or working on a project together at a scheduled, appointed time all create traditions.  Some think of traditions as birthday celebrations or holidays, and these are traditions as well.  But, the simple routines of daily life also become traditions that will become more valuable as time goes by.  Spending time together, talking and sharing the events of the week, gives opportunity for conversation and the development of a family friendship and closeness that will last a lifetime.   There’s always some task to do, but just for the moment, take time.   Time for a routine activity or time for a walk help bring life into focus.  The purposeful use of time for togetherness reaps great rewards.


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