‘The popular method of filling the student’s mind with that which is not practical and hurrying him through a certain course, in order that he may obtain a diploma, is not true education. True education begins on the inside, at the core, with that which is practical.’

Goodloe Harper Bell, Review December 26, 1882


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  1. Tracy says:

    I don’t think I know what the really means in the practical sense? Any thoughts on that? It would be good to know the context, I suppose.

  2. educator-mom says:

    Tracy, when I read the quote, I took it to mean that just learning by a textbook does not help the child internalize and comprehend completely. By participating in activities that apply the learning, the child makes it there own. Hands-on projects, work service, modeling, etc. are components that help apply textbook instruction. ~ I have the original article from this periodical. I will try to find it and share more. Maybe it will help clarify. Thanks for a great question!

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