When nature is combined with a kitchen activity, it’s a winning situation as far as children are concerned.  They generally enjoy playing in the dirt, gathering things, mixing, blending, and creating.  If there is an area in your yard that is shady and can be kept moist, propagating moss can be something fun to do!  Here’s how:

1)  Go for a hike in the woods or take a trip to your local plant nursery.  Gather several varieties of mosses.  Some types may be better suited to growing conditions in your yard, so having more than one variety improves your chance of success.

2)  In the kitchen, crumble a handful of the moss into a blender bowl.  Add two cups of yogurt or buttermilk.  Blend, adding enough water to make the mixture spreadable.  Remove from blender and place in a bowl.  If compost is available, stir a bit in to fuel growth.

3)  Outside, find a place where you would like moss to grow.  Large rocks, an area of soil that is cleared of twigs, leaves, and weeds, or any other surface work well.  It’s best if this area is in a shady place.  Using a broad paintbrush, spread the blended moss over the surface of the rocks, soil, or other desired areas.

4)  To establish the moss, mist it daily so that the area stays moist.  Keep the area clear of leaves and debris so that the moss isn’t smothered.  Wait patiently.  This would be a good time to discuss patience as a character trait, because moss can take a long time to grow.  But, it is fun to observe over the weeks as progress is checked.


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  1. clarice says:

    This is fun to do. I remember the girls and I painting pots. Although we have no shortage of moss in the N W 😉

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