Biblical examples of homeschooling are found not only in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament as well. Just as the child Jesus received his first instruction from his mother, so did another New Testament character, Timothy.  The instruction and guidance of both his mother and grandmother were influential in how he lived his life.  A paragraph from the book, Acts of the Apostles, shares this:

“Timothy’s father was a Greek and his mother a Jewess.  From a child he had known the Scriptures.  The piety that he saw in his home life was sound and sensible.  The faith of his mother and his grandmother in the sacred oracles was to him a constant reminder of the blessing in doing God’s will.  The word of God was the rule by which these two godly women had guided Timothy.  His home instructors. . .cooperated with God in preparing him to bear burdens.”  

This example of home education, by both mother and grandmother, serves to both encourage and inspire those who work to achieve a solid educational foundation for their children.  Little by little, bit by bit, with leaning steps that build upon one another, the best possible education is achieved.  I especially love learning about the homeschool of Timothy because it is a positive example of how family members can work together for the best of their children.

Reference:  Acts of the Apostles page 203, 205.


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