Remember that the school store activity is for extracurricular or supplemental learning. It is in addition to “core” subjects that are taught each day by the teacher-parent. Each activity is designed to be self-guided. Each week the teacher-parent will post a list of tasks and activities that can be completed to earn stickers. The teacher-parent can assign specific things that need done or the student can choose an assigned amount from the list. The student should always be encouraged to do more than the minimum. Sometimes the student will have an idea that he or she would like to do to earn a sticker. That is great! But be sure the student knows that they must receive approval for all projects by teacher-mom or dad first in order to receive a sticker.  This list is for students in K – 3 (or as appropriate for your child).

____ 1) Go to the park with mom or dad. Play on the playground equipment. Make up a routine on the slide, monkey bars, pole, swings, etc. See how long it takes you to complete your routine. Then race yourself by trying to do it faster and faster each time. You can earn one sticker for each time you complete the routine. Have mom or dad time you so you can see if you improve. Limit 10 stickers.

____ 2) Help with washing the car this week. You can earn three stickers by washing and rinsing the car. Put away the washing gear when you are done.

____ 3) Find a beautiful plant that is growing in the garden.  Write a free verse poem about plants. Illustrate your poem. Earn five stickers for your poem with illustration. If you mail your poem and picture to someone else and address the envelope yourself, you get one more sticker.

____ 4) Pretend you are a plant scientist. Your assignment is to design your own seed. Draw a picture of your seed and of the plant your seed turns into. Write a paragraph about the seed and the plant you invented. Imagine how much fun God must have had creating the world and inventing so many things. Thank Him with a special prayer for all the things He created. This assignment is worth three stickers.

____ 5) There are two main types of seeds.  They are naked and enclosed. Seeds have three parts: the seed coat, the embryo, and the food storage tissue. Make a list of five kinds of each of the two varieties of seeds. Worth four stickers. Use a plant/tree identification book to help you.

____ 6) Learn Psalm 100 (It is good to give thanks unto the Lord. . .). Once you have it memorized, repeat it from memory to mom or dad at family worship time. This is worth 10 stickers.

____ 7) Cook something in the kitchen that is very high in B vitamins. Serve it to the family at mealtime.  Be sure to clean the kitchen.  Worth 3 stickers.

____ 8 ) Play multiplication bingo.  Worth 1 sticker for 15 minutes of play.

____ 9) Play vowel bingo.  Worth 1 sticker for 15 minutes of play.

___ 10) Make a collage on a topic of your choice. Do a careful job. Put a title on your collage. Hang it on a bulletin board. Worth 2 stickers.

___ 11) Make a salad for dinner. Use vegetables that are dark green and add something with orange or red color. Use at least five different raw vegetables. Put them in a pretty bowl and set on the table. Worth 2 stickers.

____ 12) Set the table for dinner with a tablecloth, napkins, and proper settings of plates, cups, flatware, and a centerpiece. Have a parent check it to make sure you put things in their proper places. Worth 1 sticker.

____ 13) Repeat the days of the week to a parent.  Be sure they are in the correct order. Then tell today’s date and what day of the week it is. Repeat the months of the year. Worth 2 stickers.

____ 14) Listen to a CD from “Adventures in History” (story). You will receive one sticker for listening to the story.  You can earn a second sticker by telling the story to someone else.

____ 15) Take a trip to the grocery store with mom or dad. While you are there, make a list of ten foods that you think are healthy and nutritious. Make sure they don’t have harmful ingredients or empty calories in them. Worth 2 stickers.

____ 16) When dad comes home from work, ask him if there is anything he would like you to do for him. He will be surprised. Complete the task he gives you to do. You will receive two stickers.

____ 17) Ride your bike today. Be sure to ride it continuously for 20 minutes so you can get your heart rate up. Give yourself one sticker for every 20 minutes that you ride.

____ 18 ) Write a story about a wild animal that you like. Use descriptive words to tell about the habitat, characteristics, and appearance of the animal. Research your subject in books or on the Internet. You may use the computer to type your story. You will receive one sticker for every page you write. You will receive another sticker per page if you make corrections to the spelling, punctuation, and capitalization after it has been marked by teacher-mom or dad.

____ 19) Repeat the pledge to the flag from memory. Worth one sticker.

____ 20) List each set of words below in alphabetical order:  a) house, hill, hat, help; b) up, in out, apple, yet, enjoy; c) popcorn, pickle, pears, peaches, and lettuce; d) grape, orange, cherry, apricot, plum; e) limp, ride, walk, skate, ski, run; toe, tickle, tall, tame, talent; f) smile, say, see, said, savory, sachet. Worth 3 stickers.


These are suggested activities.  You can design your own to meet the specific needs of your own children.


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